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Brendan Price : Wildlife Advocacy

Brendan Price, Founder of the Irish Seal Sanctuary, B.Ag.Sc., EuroProBiol, offers a Wildlife Advocacy and Consultancy Service. Wherever Wildlife and Human activity are to be found together there you'll find conflict.
Brendan Price has been at the Frontline of such Conflict, at home and abroad, for a Lifetime and is in a Unique Position to advise and assist responsible Individuals, Communities, Organisations and Corporations in Conflict Facilitation and Wildlife accommodation

  • Recognising conflict is the key to facilitating it
  • Consultation is key to recognising it
  • Assessing conflict potential and managing expectations can result in discovery of new and sustainable outcomes, as direct result of effective consultation.
Think of...
  • The Dublin Zoo enquiry
  • The tiger cub rescue which resulted in the ratification of C.I.T.E.S. in Ireland
  • The establishment of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and Sanctuary
  • The establishment and development of the Irish Seal Sanctuary

of Eco-tourism as a primary driver of economic and sustainable development. Think
of sustainability practises, now of necessity, part of all human and economic activity, for further new opportunities. Think
of Brendan's own role in these areas and ultimate successes.
Brendan is in a unique position to assist you to be creative and constructive in wildlife conflict and reduce the destructive and wasteful impacts of traditional and less enlightened approach.
Brendan's experience and knowledge of success and failures in wildlife conflict is welcomed today in a more wildlife friendly world, more committed to conservation than confrontation. Conflict facilitation can be far more creative than raw open conflict and
Brendan will assist you find opportunity instead of problems.
Brendan is supported by a multi-disciplinary, international team.

"Out of Conflict Can Come Order"