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Brendan's career as a Biologist working in animal husbandry, conservation and animal welfare has spanned agriculture, eco-tourism, Zoo's, marine, fisheries, wildlife emergency responses, rescue, rehabilitation and release programmes, science education and policy. In all these areas he has put down a footprint and set bench marks for their development, resulting in jobs, research and revenue.

  • Wildlife Advocacy
  • Sustainable Eco-tourism
  • Creative Conflict
  • Seal fisheries advice
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Investigation of wildlife crime
  • Wildlife emergency response and planning
  • Oil spill response and planning
  • Design and development of wildlife rehab facilities
  • Training of wildlife responders
  • Wildlife Observer programmes
  • Mentoring wildlife Rehabilators
  • Marine Mammal stranding
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Identification and matching of eco-community projects and patrons at home and abroad
  • Design, Development and provision of school programmes
  • Stakeholder trawls and consultation
  • Harnessing Volunteerism